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Buck Forkardt Quick Change Chucks

At Buck Chuck, we carry both Buck Forkardt FNC Power Chucks and Buck Forkardt F+ Manual Chucks, made by Forkardt, Germany. The Forkardt FNC Power Chucks and Forkardt F+ Manual Chucks are designed for quick-change jobs, with quick jaw change-over for the next turning operation taking just seconds to complete. The Forkardt FNC Power Chuck has extremely high grip forces due to patented heavy-duty trapezoidal wedge hook actuation. The Forkardt FNC Power Chuck is preferred over other quick-jaw-change chucks because of its lighter weight, resulting in higher speeds. Our Forkardt F+ Manual Chuck is made with a large thru-hole for bar work. The Forkardt F+ Chuck is also available with a wide range of ASA spindle adapters. We trust the precision, quality and craftsmanship of the Forkardt FNC Power Chuck and the Forkardt F+ Manual Chuck without hesitation!

For more information on our Forkardt FNC Power Chuck and our Forkardt F+ Manual Chuck, please contact us today.

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