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Model ATSC Hardened Top Jaw Chucks

Forged Steel Body Scroll Chuck

Buck Chuck has a great selection of forged steel scroll chucks available today! From Forged Steel Scroll Chucks with Hardened Top Reversible Jaws, to Forged Steel Scroll Chucks with Hardened Solid Jaws, we've got it all covered. Our Hardened Top Reversible Forged Steel Chucks are available in 3, 4, and 6 jaw versions. Our Hardened Solid Jaw Forged Steel Chucks are available in 3 and 6 jaw versions. All of our Forged Steel Chucks have hardened jaws and pinions, increasing the life of your chuck. Each Forged Steel Chuck is also precision balanced, allowing for greater accuracy for your jobs. Our Forged Steel Chucks ship complete with inside and outside gripping jaws, and a spring loaded T-wrench. The Forged Steel Chucks also come with an Allen wrench and mounting bolts. When you buy a Forged Steel Chuck, whether it's a Hardened Top Reversible Jaw Forged Steel Chuck or a Hardened Solid Jaw Forged Steel Chuck, you'll find Buck Chuck will exceed all of your needs!

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  • 4 micro-fine adjustment screws allow .0005" TIR repeatability
  • High quality forged steel body construction allows for higher lathe speeds
  • Hardened and ground scroll is precision balanced allowing longer life and greater accuracy
  • Hardened jaws and pinions increase life of the chuck


  • Master and hardened top reversible jaws
  • Spring loaded T-wrench
  • Allen wrench
  • Mounting bolts
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