The Original BUCK CHUCK
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Model AT Hardened Top Reversible Jaw Chucks

Semi-Steel Body

The AT chuck is based on the original Buck Chuck Ajust-Tru® design that has been copied by so many. The updated design features a larger thru-hole and a higher-quality cast iron material than the copies supplied by the competition.

The AT Semi-Steel Body Manual Scroll Chucks are available in 3 and 6 jaw master and top reversible options. These AT Manual Scroll Chucks in Ajust-Tru® Style come with the American Standard Tongue and Groove Master Jaws allowing for greater flexibility in your choice of top tooling. And, the semi-steel body of the Manual Scroll Chuck allows for a quality chuck at a lower price.

For more information on our Manual Semi-Steel Scroll Chucks, please contact us today.


  • 4 micro-fine adjustment screws allow .001” TIR repeatability
  • Semi-steel body allows for a great chuck at a lower price
  • American Standard Tongue and Groove Master Jaws allow for greater flexibility in choice of top tooling


  • Master and hardened top reversible jaws
  • Spring loaded T-wrench
  • Mounting bolts
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