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Model TK 3-Jaw

Super Precision Air Chucks

Super Precision Air Chucks are able to achieve superior coaxality and repeatability of 1µm

Pre-Machined Tapped Holes and Lubricated Path:

There are tapped holes for fixing jigs, thus additional screw machining is not necessary. Pre-machined lubrication path can connect to auto-lubrication unit to lubricate the chuck automatically.

Built-In Cylinder:

Connect cylinder directly to the chuck for stable gripping.

Precise Soft Jaw Positioning:

It's easy to remount soft jaw to the correct position with dowel pins on it. Master jaws at 1.5mm by 60° serration pitch.

High Gripping Precision Brings Better Quality and Efficiency:

Good coaxality and repeatability of gripping make it possible to achieve an accuracy of 1µm. Machining processes can be simplified or shortened to make high precision machining with high efficiency attainable.

Diagram of 3-Jaw Precision Chuck

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