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Buck Chuck takes pride in working closely with its customers in providing quality products and ongoing satisfaction. The following survey provides a forum for evaluating our products and services. Thank you for taking a few minutes to help us continue to provide quality service to our customers.
How would you rate the service you were given by Forkardt, Inc. throughout the process of obtaining your product?
 Poor  Fair  Average  Good  Excellent
How would you rate the quality of the product in respect to design, ability to perform to specifications, and workmanship?
 Poor  Fair  Average  Good  Excellent
How would you rate Forkardt, Inc. in their ability to meet delivery on date promised?
 Poor  Fair  Average  Good  Excellent
How would you rate the cost of the product?
 Poor  Fair  Average  Good  Excellent
How would you rate the product selection as offered by Forkardt, Inc.?
 Poor    Fair    Average    Good    Excellent  
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